A Different View On Content Marketing

A Different View On Content Marketing

We think about writing content as a skill that only known authors possess. We might even limit ourselves in believing that an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter is required.

Now I am not disputing that skill and knowledge may or may not be required, but what is more important is the purpose and benefit of consistent content publishing, on our websites, for our businesses.

We are all familiar with the concept that content’s purpose is to educate and inform our online audiences on the benefits of our products and services to them. It is to identify with our customer’s pain, offering solutions while at the same time introducing our business. All this has been said many times and the point has been labored.

However you should also consider the marketing value of content. We need to on a consistent daily basis market our businesses; prospecting! To achieve your business goals you need to approach prospects, potential customers, daily and present your products and/or services.

In the past sales people cold called, a list of prospect daily and followed a well-designed script, with the objective to obtain an introductory meeting and ultimately generate sales.  The process worked well and was later moved to a telesales call centre environment to ensure that skilled sales people can focus more on the introductory meetings in order to increase sales.

As the customer demands and online competition increased a more sophisticated system was needed – daily content marketing. It is just so more effective! If you write one article every morning, your marketing message for the day, and then publish it on your website as well as all your social media channels you in fact are saving a lot of effort, time and cost.

Think about it!  One article versus one script with 100 telesales agent saying the same message at least 200-300 times per day. Or publishing one article once on your website and social media channels reaching literally thousands within seconds versus phoning 200-300 prospects times 100 agents per day.

Content marketing or daily article writing, if done the right way is the most effective prospecting tool available today. And the right way is simply to produce an article not focused on author skills or in-depth subject matter  or even SEO focused but rather a heartfelt message that says “I / We understand your pain here is the solution” Now how hard can that be.

Now every business no matter the size or type can prospect daily cost and time effectively; this applies to the corporate companies, SME’s, affiliate marketers and even network marketers.

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