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Tilly DaviesI have been implementing and practicing Internet Marketing disciplines since 2004. Now it must be understood that Internet Marketing is not just Social Media Marketing but includes Web Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Landing Pages (Online Sales Funnels), Email Marketing, Customer Relationships Management (including Lead Management) as well as Customer Service. My main area of focus was customer service within corporate companies in South Africa.

Even though I have a very strong technical background (read my BIO here) in the beginning my efforts were frustrating and I yielded poor results. After enrolling for many courses and hours of applying what I learnt, plus refining some of the teachings, the results were astounding. I managed to create a website for a corporate company that ranked in the top 100 in South Africa within eighteen months. I became known for growing social media accounts, especially Twitter and LinkedIn, in record time, generating daily leads – not only in South Africa but internationally.

But I was in fact not an Internet Marketer. After many years in corporate South Africa coupled with a one year MBA (never completed) and other Business Administration courses, I was responsible to structure departments for large organizations. I used internet marketing to advance the businesses I aligned myself with.

I resigned as the CEO of a large South African corporate company in December 2015. Why?

To do what I love – Internet Marketing while assisting others to be successful. My goal is to coach others on how to implement Internet Marketing strategies the correct way and in so doing to yield the desired results quickly. For me business is all about the value it will add more so than the profits gained. With so many money making schemes available on the Internet I have seen the frustration of many smaller companies, home based businesses and network marketers spending an absolute fortune in the hope that they will find a marketing solution – only to be left even more empty handed. Although training is one answer and an avenue highly recommended; what do you do when it still does not work, whom do you ask. And that is what I offer, Internet Marketing coaching, teaching and assistance when needed most!








To be with whom I love – Josh and my dogs. The corporate world took 35 years of my life and I realized I wanted ‘me’ back. I need to spend time with Josh, now 11, and enjoy the childlike honesty and playfulness I missed with my older children. Kicking a ball, running on the beach or climbing the mountain is activities that are no longer only available during infrequent family holidays; this has become part of our daily livingness. What Josh enjoys most is having his Mom back as I work around Josh’s schedule and no longer does he have to fit in with corporate demands and time tables.

Pringle bayWe moved to Pringle Bay a very small town surrounded, by mountains and the sea, in the Western Cape, South Africa in December 2015. I revised some of my previous online structures during January 2016 and launched the Tilly Davies Consulting Internet Marketing Coaching Agency on the 15th of February 2016. My website and blog is already ranked by Alexa as one of the top 2000 websites in South Africa – and I am still developing it. My twitter account grew in March by just over 3000 followers and I already enjoy on average 4 online leads per day.

… And that is what I offer you – my skill, my years of experience. Whether you are a small startup or a small business, home based business or network marketer struggling for years online, together we will grow your Internet Marketing strategies with proven results, without leaving you empty handed, but most of all a service affordable to all…

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Tilly Davies

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