An Outcry to Help Each Other

We live in a society where inequality is at the order of the day. On the one end, people are hungry, without shelter and hopelessly desperate for someone to care. On the other end, we have people so rich that sex parties, drugs, and alcohol must provide entertainment for their bored and empty lives.

My heart bleeds and I cry to see the suffering of this status quo. We were never intended to experience life like this, not the rich or the poor. There is enough for everybody, but greed dictates oppression and instead of caring for one other we kill and destroy just so that we have more.

Nature is governed by laws; laws that should protect us and guide us to have everything we need but it is not our needs that drive us but our wants. When are we going to wake-up, take control and get the natural order back that will provide for everyone equally?

AntsLook at the ants, they stand together, work together and their needs are met, always. Acting as an organized army each ant understands its role to the greater whole. I once read that all is not that well and that aggression do exist when the ants get into ‘gangs’, but it never ever distract them from the task at hand – provision for the community.

I found an the opportunity for us as a people to get back to supporting each other, creating a positive revolution whereby we all can claim our dignity back, working together for the improvement of our lives by taking care of others.

As a young adult, I battled to get to grips with the financial world and constantly ran out of money. My parents had to endure many begging session and cries of ‘please help’. They had to, after all they were my parents.

Today they are no longer with me, and I feel the pain of standing on my own with absolute no support structure in this cruel world filled with the deceit of the greedy dictators.

You don’t know me but what if I were to tell you I need your help but in helping me I can help you to receive equally what I am aiming for. Now, what if instead of looking for the scam or the scheme or the deceit,  we trust each other and start working together, like ants, for the protection and provision of us all.

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First we need to start building this ‘ant army’. I am in desperate financial need to provide to my family, so I am going to ask you to make an approx. $130 investment for me, will you?. Then I am going to ask you to go to the two people that support you most and ask them also to make the same $130 investment plus I need you to do this in one week and ask your people to do the same and continue with this ‘pay it forward’ drive, week after week; with everybody asking the same ‘please help me’. Now if we all do this and our ‘ant army’ grows, everyone in this ‘ant army’ will receive a weekly income of $4500 plus have acquired the protection having transferred some of their paper money into gold money. (See More Here:

The answer is simply to become a Karatbar Affiliate, which is not an MLM, not a gold selling program nor a Ponzi or pyramid scheme. It is an outcry by a German company to restore back to the masses what was taken from them by the greed of the corrupt bankers and politicians.

What if the solution for our sick, personal economies were this simple? What if you helped someone from total desperation to the freedom to design the lives they deserve? Will you? Pay it forward works, because we were created to support each other not to destroy each other.

Please help me, and then help yourself, then help those that you really care about.

Let me open my free Gold Account, I want to play a role



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