Keep it Simple Simon – The KISS Principle

And stay focused on earning $4500 within 12 weeks.

In 2004, I decided to step away from my corporate career and do what I really love, Sports Nutrition. As a Sports Nutritionist, I had to source the best products for my athletes, and there is no better product than Herbalife to build athletes with. So I became a Herbalife Distributor.

Three years later I realized that I am working exceptionally hard to earn about 10% of the income I enjoyed in the corporate world. It was at that point that the attraction of Network Marketing entered my life. After all, some of the Herbalife distributors were jet-setting the world while I was slaving 10 hour days for a pittance. I jumped in very eagerly also to create these easy to come by riches.

I created websites, social media campaigns, content marketing campaigns, email marketing campaigns, a 12-week nutritional video course, and even spent the majority of my hard earned money on advertising campaigns. I did recruit a number of distributors, but they were the laziest people on this planet, and never even got started. Somehow I attracted only people that wanted to do nothing while expecting everything. It was then that my skepticism towards Network Marketing stepped in, and I ran back to the safety of the corporate world.

So you can imagine when I was introduced to Karatbars my reaction was close to violent. Not another Network Marketing opportunity, please. But I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that Karatbars is an e-commerce company with an affiliate program. They are not a Network Marketing or Multilevel Marketing opportunity. In MLM, you are required to buy and distribute products but in Karatbars you are not obliged to do so but it is highly recommended that you buy your own gold regularly. Buying gold is the only way to preserve your wealth; gold has been tested over time. What was even more attractive to me was the simplicity of the opportunity and easy to follow the strategy with huge benefits.

The aim of the company is to make 999.9 gold bullion conveniently available to the masses in small denominations at an affordable price point. It is important to stress that Karatbars is not an investment company and has nothing to do with investing in gold. The company is delivering its product range into 123 countries.

I have learned my lesson and now know that Network Marketing, MLM and even an e-commerce affiliate program like Karatbars are just another form of business. All of these have a strategy, a system, processes, and rules just like any other corporate business. Once formulated everybody must follow the guidelines ,similar to that of a job description. In the corporate world, we define a role and draft a job description which every person that is employed in that role must follow.

For the Karatbars affiliates there is a very doable and simple strategy. Every week a person joins the Karatbars e-commerce affiliate program. Then they find two people, yip only two people, to also join the program and ensure that they do this within one week. Then everybody ensures that they buy 1 gram of gold, to transfer their paper money into gold currency for financial protection.

Watch this video where Matt Rettick explains how this works.

Now please do not complicate the opportunity by adding anything else, like I did with Herbalife. After all the guy on the video, Matt Rettick says that’s how it works, so just do it! I dare you to follow this system and proof him wrong. Can you imagine the hurricane that you can cause if you follow his system and proof him to be the liar of the century?

In our team, we added just one additional step for clarification purposes. We added a deadline to make the goal specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time specific. So every Wednesday our entire organizations duplicate because every new affiliate add their two people. Every Thursday our entire team buys their 1gram of gold, but this is the only exception that we allow. Some affiliates join to supplement their income so we do excuse them for the first 5 weeks until they can purchase their gold with the Karatbars commissions they earn.

I want to challenge you today; come and follow this strategy and earn this kind of money within 12 weeks – he said this is how it works so follow the steps carefully.

Sign up for your free account Now

Select Registration at the top right menu and then Become an Affiliate on the left

… then purchase your package of choice by the first Wednesday after you signed up for free and then follow the strategy….

Get your two affiliates to read this blog and please Keep It Simple Simon!

How will your live change if you earn residual income like this plus own more gold than what you thought ever possible?

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